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Vutec Raises the Standard of Projection Screen Viewing

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 4.30.04 PM

Just when I’d thought I had seen it all…

The audio video industry is becoming a staple in how society operates today.  There is no question that with the way technology evolves people evolve with it.  Not even two decades ago it was still rare to see a person walking around with a cell phone.  Today we rely on our ten-year-old relatives to help us learn about the latest apps we can use to perform regular day-to-day functions we used to consult the yellow pages about.

The same can be said about visual media.  Now we get our news from the web and social media posts.  Communication is exponentially easier than it was even 10 years ago.  Businesses have the luxury of using the latest in audio-visual technology to conduct operations with partners across the globe, or in-house presentations that by yesterday’s standards have raised the bar significantly.

Vutec Screens

What about aesthetic appeal?  Like a modern spy movie, the latest gadgets have a sleek design and visual appeal that can rival most art galleries.  Indeed the look and feel of audio visual media has a stamp on our homes and offices that invites an almost cyber feel we’re so accustomed to using to operate each day.  Its sleek, clean, clear, and has the ability to exhume that cool energy easily making it the focal point in almost any location.  From above the fireplace in the living room to the front of the conference room at the office, audio visual media has definitely become a standard reflection of how people operate.

Vutec is a company that works to remain a leader in that level of high performance audio video media.  artscreen_Digital Installers has had the privilege of working closely with Vutec on a number of different projects where performance and aesthetics remain a priority for the client.   Their screen design options are at such a level that I have yet to see an equal.  The crew at DI has done a number of installations of screens for projection and artistic representation.  From presentation and projection screens to art-screen systems for those who want a gallery feel while taking a break from TV.

The latest privilege Digital Installers has had was to be the first to install a new Vutec projection screen that Lobby Lightwas itself a piece of art.  This amazing 110” rigid screen with an ulta slim frame just raised the bar again with an LED edge lighting system that elevates the clarity to that higher level.  In daylight or night, this screen is a focal point in the Digital Installers showroom with a clarity and presentation unmatched to anything I have seen on this level (and I used to run a movie theater!)

Screen Shot 2013-02-20 at 4.43.23 PM

The entire DI crew loves the relationship we’ve built with Vutec and will continue to bring their amazing technology to the audio video world as it evolves with all of us!

If you want to know more about the specs on the LED Silverstar Screen, click here.

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A Unique Building Structure is No Problem for Projection System Install at Blaze Public Relations

Every install is unique.  There’s always ways to prepare for a job but inevitably there will be something involved we don’t anticipate.  It could be a power issue.  It could be a product issue.  It could also be that the client wants the setup to go exactly where no one in his or her right mind would ever choose to put a TV, say, at a 45°angle above that 500 lb. antique cabinet housing the family crystal up against the north wall of a family room that just happened to be from the 1960s when retro round rooms were the latest “modern” design idea…

Blaze PR Logo

But we make it happen.  There’s an understanding among the DI crew always to expect the unexpected, from simply laying down cable for an office building to setting up an entire system for a household, there is always going to be a snag or two in the game plan.  We can’t prepare for exactly what will happen, but we can prepare for what might happen.

Such was the case when we received a call from Blaze PR, a top public relations firm in Santa Monica.  They had an immediate need to have a projector set up in their conference room for a training seminar coming up that weekend… and it was Wednesday.  Not only that, but also the location’s structure is unique, not the typical office building with T-bars and ceiling tiles.

photo (4)

A projector install has a number of elements for consideration.  Its not as simple as putting up a screen and pointing the projector. Not only does the projector need mounting, but also the screen needs proper placement or installation as well.  Then the “throw” distance comes into play, ensuring the projector performance is optimal.  Blaze’s conference room had the space for the setup and the screen didn’t prove to be an issue.  The projector was going to require some finesse.  Not only was the optimal place going to be up through a thick concrete slab but there was a nice “aesthetic” touch to the ventilation system obstructing a straight line of sight from the projector to the screen.IMG_0003

Once again, not knowing what the problem could be, but anticipating there might be one, our installation crew manager Reuben worked his magic and provided Blaze with a clean projector setup, one that impressed us all!  Blaze had everything set up in time without a hiccup in their operations, and continue to expand their services as a very reputable organization in the public relations industry.

Whether a job is big or small, unique or appearing impossible, here’s a crew ready for the challenge once again.

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Customize the Look along with the Feel of a Home Theater System

It happens on more than just a few occasions.  At one point or another, we’ve probably been guilty of it.  For those of us who use the home theater setup as a focal point in the apartment or home, living room or game room, maybe even a pool house, there is always a sense of urgency to get that new system hooked up!  It’s the idea there is a void in that spot right there and my need for entertainment fulfillment needs to be met right now!

So what do we do? —

We settle.  We throw that TV together on top of whatever makeshift stand we can come up with; throw the wires behind in a nice tangled clump that’s harder to unravel than six-month-old dreadlock.  We bypass the aesthetic investment to get the most out of our new systems.  Without that visual appeal the face value of our makeshift home theater system goes to nil.

As we evolve along with technology the appreciation for what we have in place is more so when we take the time to appreciate what our systems are really capable of.  Coinciding with that progress, Digital Installers is adding another area of design to go along with your system: custom furniture.

Hamilton ConceptThe idea came about with numerous occasions involving a need to clean up those messy home theater setups before the system that DI designed could be installed efficiently.  As more opportunities arose to suggest a different setup, the idea to design our own furniture to work with the system started to flow naturally as a part of the process.  With a new home theater design, from a simple entertainment unit setup to an entire new system, DI can custom design furniture pieces that will not only hold the equipment needed to run your system effectively but also keep with that aesthetic desire we appreciate more.

IMG_9048For years the crew at DI have been around to help untangle the heaps and help people get the most out of their entertainment.  It’s been an ever-evolving process of course, finding more people “settle” with a nice wall-mounted TV installation and the cables concealed behind the wall.  Stereo speakers are in the walls or ceiling instead of stacked on the back of the couch or pinned to the drywall with a very questionable thumbtack…

IMG_7987Long Cab

Some custom furniture features to add to the design for  your system:

* Fan Cooling,

* Air Vented,

* Rack Mountable,

* Custom Grills,

* Recharge Station Drawers,

* Auto-Close Soft-Shut Hinges,

Options are open for whatever design you need!

Now you can really appreciate the ENTIRE package when trying to fill that home theater void we’ve all dealt with.  It just feels better getting the most out of entertainment don’t you think?

Watch. Listen. Enjoy.

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Powerful Marketing Firm Fresh Cut Creative asks to Expand it’s Network

Regardless of how bad the economy might hit, one thing that seems to remain is our appreciation for the arts.  There is a collective enthusiasm and excitement for what happens in entertainment and the media attention associated with it.  We need to feel engaged in a world created by those artists and producers that pull us, even momentarily, away from the routine day-to-day life we become accustomed to, giving us a glimpse into the imagination.

Fresh Cut Wall

To keep us engaged we rely on businesses that work to give us that glimpse.  Recently we had the pleasure of working with Fresh Cut Creative, an advertising and marketing company that creates content for the television and film industries.  The team at Fresh Cut continues to be a driving force in the media’s continual focus to keep the public engaged in the world of entertainment.  Doing so meant that Fresh Cut needed some expansion.  That is what brought them to the DI crew.

Fresh Cut Site Pic

The project was a simple networking job.  Fresh Cut has a new area of their building that needed cables run to several new workstations.  The idea was to keep their current system running efficiently and expanding the same tools to a new area of the office.

Rusty went to their headquarters in Seal Beach and walked the floor to get an idea of the cleanest most efficient way to run the cables to their various placements in the office.  Within two days of design we were back at the Fresh Cut Creative headquarters laying outthe lines they requested and had them ready for business the same day.  With the transition running smoothly they continue to create those advertising glimpses into the entertainment world with a larger network, increasingefficiency in an already much appreciated form of media.


Glad we had the chance to extend our hand to another awesome company, run by a team of very cool people to work with!

Watch. Listen. Enjoy.

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