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Powerful Marketing Firm Fresh Cut Creative asks to Expand it’s Network

Regardless of how bad the economy might hit, one thing that seems to remain is our appreciation for the arts.  There is a collective enthusiasm and excitement for what happens in entertainment and the media attention associated with it.  We need to feel engaged in a world created by those artists and producers that pull us, even momentarily, away from the routine day-to-day life we become accustomed to, giving us a glimpse into the imagination.

Fresh Cut Wall

To keep us engaged we rely on businesses that work to give us that glimpse.  Recently we had the pleasure of working with Fresh Cut Creative, an advertising and marketing company that creates content for the television and film industries.  The team at Fresh Cut continues to be a driving force in the media’s continual focus to keep the public engaged in the world of entertainment.  Doing so meant that Fresh Cut needed some expansion.  That is what brought them to the DI crew.

Fresh Cut Site Pic

The project was a simple networking job.  Fresh Cut has a new area of their building that needed cables run to several new workstations.  The idea was to keep their current system running efficiently and expanding the same tools to a new area of the office.

Rusty went to their headquarters in Seal Beach and walked the floor to get an idea of the cleanest most efficient way to run the cables to their various placements in the office.  Within two days of design we were back at the Fresh Cut Creative headquarters laying outthe lines they requested and had them ready for business the same day.  With the transition running smoothly they continue to create those advertising glimpses into the entertainment world with a larger network, increasingefficiency in an already much appreciated form of media.


Glad we had the chance to extend our hand to another awesome company, run by a team of very cool people to work with!

Watch. Listen. Enjoy.

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