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It happens on more than just a few occasions. At one point or another, we’ve probably been guilty of it. For those of us who use the home theater setup as a focal point in the apartment or home, living room or game room, maybe even a pool house, there is always a sense of urgency to get that new system hooked up! It’s the idea there is a void in that spot right there and my need for entertainment fulfillment needs to be met right now!

So what do we do?

We settle. We throw that TV together on top of whatever makeshift stand we can come up with; throw the wires behind in a nice tangled clump that’s harder to unravel than six-month-old dreadlock. We bypass the aesthetic investment to get the most out of our new systems. Without that visual appeal the face value of our makeshift home theater system goes to nil.

As we evolve along with technology the appreciation for what we have in place is more so when we take the time to appreciate what our systems are really capable of. Coinciding with that progress, Digital Installers is adding another area of design to go along with your system: custom furniture.

The idea came about with numerous occasions involving a need to clean up those messy home theater setups before the system that DI designed could be installed efficiently. As more opportunities arose to suggest a different setup, the idea to design our own furniture to work with the system started to flow naturally as a part of the process. With a new home theater design, from a simple entertainment unit setup to an entire new system, DI can custom design furniture pieces that will not only hold the equipment needed to run your system effectively but also keep with that aesthetic desire we appreciate more.

For years the crew at DI have been around to help untangle the heaps and help people get the most out of their entertainment. It’s been an ever-evolving process of course, finding more people “settle” with a nice wall-mounted TV installation and the cables concealed behind the wall. Stereo speakers are in the walls or ceiling instead of stacked on the back of the couch or pinned to the drywall with a very questionable thumbtack…

Custom furniture features options to add to your system:

  • Fan Cooling,
  • Air Vented,
  • Rack Mountable,
  • Custom Grills,
  • Recharge Station Drawers,
  • Auto-Close Soft-Shut Hinges,

Options are open for whatever design you need!

Now you can really appreciate the ENTIRE package when trying to fill that home theater void we’ve all dealt with. It just feels better getting the most out of entertainment don’t you think?

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