Outdoor Audio Video

If you are considering outdoor audio video reading further is a must.

Outdoor Speakers and Subs

With our wide selection of speaker types you can have the highest quality sound at the grill, on the patio, and poolside. With a strategic design we create systems that can really bump without disturbing your neighbors. For those weary of the sight of speakers everywhere our speakers compliment your landscaping. Once installed, your audio system will be easy to control from your smartphone or from a switch. Additionally we can integrate your new sound with a home automation system.

Outdoor Video

Watching the game while simultaneously grilling on the patio means that you won’t burn those steaks or miss a play ever again! TVs installed outdoors also keep the party outside where everyone is happily together.

Mounting a normal TV outdoors will open you to glare issues during daylight hours. Digital Installers mounts TVs just about anywhere, and offers custom outdoor rated tvs made by Seura and Sunbrite. Our outdoor TVs are designed with anti-glare so no matter what angle the sun shines, you’ll still have a clear image.

Have a TV that you want to move outside? We can make a custom enclosure to cover the TV when not in use to protect it from the elements. Consider getting one of our James Bond TVs that hides in a protective housing and automatically presents at the press of a button.

2018 was the summer for upgrading to 4k resolution. If you are still watching a 1080p screen you are missing out on a picture that is four times clearer and four times more vibrant!

Once installed, your outdoor TVs will be easy to use and can integrate with your smart home. Just like your audio, all control can be done from your smartphone or from a switch.

With these hot upgrades, you will have a renewed sense of enjoyment with your home and will seriously impress your friends and family.