Access Control

Maximize security and increase efficiency at your business or community with an access control system. Knowing the WHO, WHAT, and WHEN is important. Our team designs custom access control solutions to meet our customers specific control needs. The benefits of a high quality access control system includes:

  • Reduced risk of trespassing
  • Protection of property and sensitive information
  • Reduced costs of re-keying locks/key control
  • Real-time monitoring 24/7
  • Reporting and record keeping

Our systems range from simple to complex and can stand-alone or can be integrated with a large variety of other technologies/software. We offer a variety of entry methods including:

  • Keypads (low security)
  • HID 125 kHz prox cards (low security)
  • 13.6 mHz mifare cards/fobs (medium security)
  • Bluetooth (medium/high security)
  • Biometrix (high security)
  • And two and three factor authentication (highest security)

Software makes all the difference when chosing an access control system. Our technologies have intuitive user interfaces making it convenient to:

  • Add/remove users
  • Set detailed user restrictions based on:
    • Time
    • Location
    • Open/closed zones
    • Other personnel present or absent
    • And more
  • Running detailed reports