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If you have an idea about the home automation system, it would be quite surprising to not find any in your home. The reason is you may not need that support. But, it's no more a luxury nowadays rather beneficial. The same goes for the home theater.

You can really make your life easier, safer, and more enjoyable with convenience in daily life by any or both of them. Don't hesitate because the Digital Installers service team is now a single call away from you. To get our expert installation services not only in your city Riviera but also in your home dial 855-488-1060 or send a service request online.

Benefits of Home Automation System

Let's check out the core benefits of the home automation system rather than having a subjective idea. There's just the need for a smartphone and a good internet connection. How would it feel to imagine that you are operating the thermostats and lights of your home without using a touch but a single tap on your phone screen?

This is just the upper part of the iceberg. It'll allow you to control the entrance of your home with 24-hour real-time monitoring. By limiting the people's access to your property you'll be able to prevent adverse situations like vandalism, robbery, and theft. That will retain the peace of your mind.

How many times you have left your keys at home before going outside or lost them outside and faced trouble entering your own home? Whether it's never, or once or twice, make sure that this happens never again. The home automation systems are also run by voice command.

Last but not least, with comfort a home automation system reduces energy bills with no interruption in the performance of the HVAC system. This becomes possible by the minimal but enough use of the energy. The user can pre-set the system to maintain the preferred vibe in the respective area. So, after work on a hot summer day, you can immediately get your home chilled the way you like. Needless to say, it can be exactly the same homely during the winter.

Why You Need to Install a Home Theater System?

A home theater system is more of a personal cinema hall and with extra advantages. You may not be a fan of movies but it will give you the taste of a theater within your home. No wonder, you are the owner of it. The better audio and lively visuals will easily make you part of the ongoing story on the screen.

There is no need to grab a taxi, go through the traffic, and stand on the line. The homemade snack is also with you. Besides them, privacy and ownership will give you the ultimate experience and peace of mind. There's no one to disturb nor you would need to compromise your preference because of a stranger. A home theater system will allow you to set the volume, rewind, and pause whenever you want.

Are you a game lover? Just imagine how enjoyable can it be after you install a home theater. It will seem more lively and you won't find out how the time passed. A special occasion with the presence of friends and family will be memorable because of that. Especially the kids will love that. So, are you planning that how would you customize the whole setting?

Our Home Automation and Home Theater System Services in Riviera

Climate Control: This home automation service actually takes part in keeping the indoor environment according to the user's preference by preserving the required temperature.

Motorized Window Treatment: This remote controllable system can be integrated with other home automation systems. UV protection is one of the benefits of it. Automatic scheduling makes that easy to achieve.

Networking: It works as a connecting system among other home automation systems. When networking works well, the information on all the devices or systems becomes easy to get with smooth interaction.

We work on surround sound, smart home technology, home theater, and media control as well.

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Other Services We Offer

Apart from these two sections, we work for lighting, digital services for the outdoors, and unique spaces. You can also rely on us regarding security systems. The services by the C7 contractor include:

All these services are available in Malibu, Santa Monica, Beverly Hills, and other service areas of Southern California. You can also get 24/7/365 tech support from our service team. Having 21 full-time employees, 8 full-time programmers, and in-house engineers we can easily ensure the service quality.


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If you want, the facilities of your home can be improved overnight. The use of the home automation system or the home theater for that is no more a myth. So, when you are going to take our help to get the best version of your home. We are available in the number 855-488-1060. To reach us online fill up the service request form.

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