Alarm System for Residential & Commercial Security

In today's world, security is a top priority for both residential homeowners and commercial business owners alike. Investing in advanced security solutions is now crucial for safeguarding property and peace of mind. Digital Installers understands this need and offers cutting-edge alarm systems for ensuring the security of both residential and commercial properties in greater California. Reach us now to discuss your needs!

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Commercial Security Solutions

Digital Installers offers comprehensive commercial security solutions across Southern California, including Los Angeles, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Orange, Irvine, and other cities. Our state-of-the-art alarm systems offer real-time alerts. It keeps business owners informed and enables swift responses to security emergencies.

Our alarm systems feature advanced motion, door, and window sensors, along with glass break detection. It provides comprehensive coverage against intrusions.
It can also integrate with smart surveillance cameras and automated entry systems. This offers enhanced monitoring and a holistic security approach.

Residential Security Solutions

Homeowners can also benefit from Digital Installers' expertise in residential security. Our modern alarm systems go beyond traditional functions to provide comprehensive protection against intruders, smoke, flood, and more. With real-time push notifications sent to mobile devices, homeowners can stay connected and informed about the security status of their property even when they are away.

Other Security Services We Offer

A Digital Installers, we offer a wide range of services to meet your security needs. Such as:

Video Surveillance
We provide smart surveillance cameras with night vision to ensure comprehensive monitoring. Its user-friendly interface and easy storage access simplify footage review for users.

Remote Access & Monitoring
Our advanced access control features empower businesses to control entry and minimize unauthorized access. Its remote monitoring ensures security and allows professionals to respond promptly.

Automated Door Locks & Fire/Life Safety
Our smart locks provide convenient and secure access control for users. Remote locking via smartphone simplifies access management. Its fire and life safety features ensure quick threat detection.

Why Choose Us?

With our wealth of expertise in security and digital automation, Digital Installers stands out as your premier choice. However, our clients choose us for the following factors:

20 Years In Business 20+ Years of Industry Experience
Expansive Showroom Expansive Showroom
21 Employees 21 Full-time Employees
Bonded & Insured Bonded & Insured Company
8 Programmers 8 Full-time Programmers
Licensed C7 Contractor Licensed C7 Contractor
In House Engineer In-house Engineer
24/7 Tech Support 24/7/365 Tech Support

Take The Initiative to Secure Your Property!

Take the first step towards a safer future by contacting us now. Our expert team is ready to discuss your security needs and provide tailored solutions to protect what matters most to you. Don't wait until it's too late. Secure your property and gain peace of mind today with our comprehensive security and alarm system services.

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