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Tyler Smith


Hometown: Syracuse, NY

Hobbies: Gaming, Volleyball, Cooking, Building/Tinkering

Certifications: Control4, Panasonic Business, Panasonic NS700, ELAN

Tyler Smith


About Tyler Smith:

After college, where he received his degree in computer science, Tyler began his career by working for the IT Team for a hospital in Northern New York. He moved few years later to his home town of Syracuse to work in the family business and then the Security field. Tyler found his real passion in the A/V industry and brought his skills to California where he has resided since 2018 and has been apart of the Di team since 2021.

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Long Beach, CA

Posted on Digital Installers

I called Digital Installers after seeing their truck (with a Sono's logo on it) in the neighborhood. I had invested in a Sonos Playbar and Play 1 speakers, but never felt my surround sound was working as it should. I also couldn't figure out how to get Sono's to play my music without interruption. In the first meeting, Evan came out to meet with me about the challenges I was having, as well as some new ideas for the back yard sound system. The immediate need was to get the living room sound system connected and working properly. The day Evan and Ty came out, they spent about 1.5 hours, reconnecting the Playbar, Apple TV, Play 1 speakers, and calibrating it all for perfect sound. They were able to reduce my need for additional hardware and go from using 3 remotes to 2 remotes. They cleaned up all the cords so they looked neat and tidy (and hidden where they could be). They showed me how to use the Sono's app from my phone. I was impressed with Evan the first time we met, as well as how available he was via email, text and phone to answer my questions. The price was worth getting this taken care of! The level of professionalism and detail is very impressive! Thank you so much! Tracy H.

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Sunset Beach, CA

March 14, 2024

Our involvement began at the pre-wiring stage, ensuring a seamless installation process. We walked through the house during framing, ensuring every detail aligned with the client's needs and the project's specifications. We supplied Lutron homeworks for lighting, integrated cameras with ELAN for control, used Sonos for music, Samsung TVs, Origin Acoustic speakers, and shades. Additionally, we set up a demo system for their impressive backyard, opting for Ambisonic speakers.

Torrance, CA

February 2, 2024

In addition to our innovative linear lighting solutions, we seamlessly integrated captivating ceiling lighting designs, culminating in a truly extraordinary transformation. Alongside our lighting enhancements, we facilitated a TV mount installation. Now the brilliance of American Linear Lighting illuminates the interiors of this remarkable residence, infusing warmth and vibrancy into every corner. At Digital Installers, we take pride in making our customers feel truly special. As a gesture of appreciation, we presented our clients with a Sonos soundbar to complement their desired TV mount installation. We delight in introducing our customers to exceptional brands and products. As a result, our client was pleasantly surprised to discover our expertise in installing motorized window coverings. We are genuinely enthusiastic about collaborating with them to identify the ideal window coverings that seamlessly integrate into their home's aesthetic and functionality.

Seal Beach, CA

January 10, 2024

In response to our customer aspirations, we implemented a comprehensive home automation system designed to simplify their lifestyle and provide complete control at their fingertips. Our solution encompassed the automation of HVAC, sound systems, lighting, speakers, TV, and various other devices, all accessible from any smart device. DESCRIPTION OF INVOLVEMENT: The Interior Stylist Jennifer Deeble guided our customer throughout the entire process. They began by consulting with the contractor to determine which walls and beams were load-bearing, providing clarity on the available options. The design and flow of the kitchen were a group effort; Jennifer helped our customer in picking their finishes, such as the stone, stain of the cabinets, hardware, and paint. Meanwhile, our other customer and Rusty focused on creating a lighting plan. Jennifer Deeble's expertise in interior styling played a pivotal role in bringing the customer’s vision to life. With collaborative efforts and meticulous attention to detail, the team ensured that every aspect of the project aligned with our customer’s desires, resulting in a truly bespoke and harmonious living space.

Long Beach, CA, CA

January 9, 2024

Given that the chosen speakers couldn't be traditionally mounted or screwed into place, we reached out to Pete Deeble in Long Beach to help us with our vision. He devised a solution that harmonized with the material of the speakers while preserving the restaurant's aesthetic. Once approved and the boxes were constructed, we meticulously assembled them in our Digital Installers warehouse, preparing all of them for installation.

Anaheim, CA

October 28, 2023

We integrated a video matrix system that connects seven TVs, offering the flexibility to display different content on each screen or synchronize them perfectly. Our installation included eight speakers and two subwoofers to ensure high-quality audio throughout the space. Along with alarm.com cameras and alarm system. For lighting, we utilized American Lighting's RGBW system and customized the programming to interact dynamically with the audio tracks, creating an engaging atmosphere ideal for watching games or setting a nightclub vibe. To enhance the bar area, we designed a custom frame for the TV, seamlessly integrating it into the bar's aesthetics. All lighting is controlled using smart Control4 dimmers, providing easy operation and scene adjustments. Additionally, we added a disco ball with a motor and custom light filters for a fun and detailed touch to the overall setup.

Corona Del Mar, CA

September 15, 2023

We upgraded the TV to a 4K HDR OLED and added a new Apple TV 4K HDR, along with installing Control4 and WIFI in the room. The TV features Bluetooth for pairing with Apple AirPods. We also enhanced the control system with a video switcher to eliminate delays in TV input switching. This setup allows for maintaining Directv and DVD player connections without additional cables. We played a key role in creating this smart home. Our involvement included ALL types of speakers, lighting, TV installation, outdoor heaters, security cameras, landscape lighting and speakers, automation, and shades. DESCRIPTION OF INVOLVEMENT: The interior designer Lindye Galloway lead the way to a complete transformation, and our customer expressed immense satisfaction with the collaborative efforts of our team during the house remodeling. From the moment you step inside, you'll immediately notice the captivating intelligent lighting systems, enhancing ambiance and setting the perfect mood for any occasion. The integration of indoor and outdoor TVs elevates entertainment, allowing you to enjoy your favorite shows or sports games while relaxing in either the outdoors or living room. During colder months, advanced heaters maintain a cozy and inviting atmosphere. Furthermore, our dedication to safety and security is evident through our robust security camera systems, ensuring continuous monitoring and protection of your property. The possibilities in this smart home are limited only by your imagination, and Digital Installers has made sure that every aspect of modern living has been seamlessly integrated to provide the utmost in comfort, convenience, and style.

Seal Beach, CA

June 20, 2023

Building on our successful interior renovations, we expanded our offerings to create a breathtaking backyard transformation. He wanted to be amazed by the results, so we provided him with all our lighting and audio solutions, ensuring everything blended perfectly. Inside the house, we integrated advanced lighting control systems, touch screens with Control4, in-ceiling speakers, automated shades, TV installations, and linear lighting, enhancing the home's ambiance and functionality. For the exterior, we installed heaters, security cameras, outdoor audio systems (including landscape and standard speakers), weatherproof TVs, and extensive lighting solutions. Additionally, we improved the entrance with landscape lighting and a Ring camera to increase security and aesthetic appeal. At Digital Installers, we take pride in exceeding our customers' expectations. Our client was thrilled with the results, appreciating the integrated solutions and the remarkable transformation of his entire home. He continues to stay in touch with us, reflecting our commitment to building lasting relationships through exceptional service and expertise.

Manhattan Beach, CA

May 5, 2023

Weatherproof TVs were installed across all patio and BBQ area, meeting the customer's specifications. In addition, we strategically placed in-ceiling speakers alongside landscape speakers to ensure optimal audio distribution throughout the entire backyard. To enhance comfort, outdoor heaters were installed, strategically positioned to maintain warmth within a designated perimeter. Control4 technology smoothly manages all these features, providing convenient control and enhancing the overall backyard experience.

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