Wealthy Smart Home Trends of 2021

For the rich and famous, technology is an ever evolving lifestyle. From architects to interior designers, the quest of seeking this years emerging trends continues. This year custom home technology designer Russell Deeble is ready to share his long awaited short list of this years top luxury smart home trends.

Smart Home Trends of 2021

Linear Lighting

Luxury estates are eliminating the airplane runway appearance of can lighting and turning towards european inspired linear lighting. The design advantages are endless as linear light fixtures are easily hidden underneath edges or recessed in walls. The emittance of light is even making awkward shadowing a thing of the past. In addition to their precise dimming capabilities, the tones and hues of linear lighting can be adjusted to match or stand out from other lighting in the house.

Smart Home Linear Lighting

Concealing TVs

When a TV screen is off there is no emotion or ambiance. In fact a TV mounted on the wall only detracts from the room’s design. Luxury estates are innovatively hiding and disguising flat panels. The most common way to accomplish concealment is through hiding in plain sight. New designer TVs have ambient modes which display art when the TV is not in use. Additionally these designer TVs have custom picture frame bezels that clip onto the perimeter of the TV. More elaborate estates will motorize a wall, cabinet, or canvas art roll to completely remove the TV from view. When the TV is desired, the motor kicks in and a mechanical apparatus brings the TV to a perfect viewing angle.

Concealing Pop up TV

Security That Blends In

Imagine the design, engineering, and craftsmanship that goes into building a masterpiece home. Then imagine sticking ugly plastic camera domes all over the place, not a good look. Luxury estates are working with their low voltage contractors to respect the architecture with respects to surveillance. Coating camera housings to match the color and texture of each surface is a tasteful way to balance security with design.

Blends in Camera for Security

Golf Simulators and VR Rooms

The days of putting a golf simulator in a cold dimly lit garage are over. With huge advancements in technology; interactive sports and gaming have made their way into the nicest rooms of luxury estates. Custom virtual reality experiences add a huge fun factor for adults and youth. When located inside the home instead of at a nearby venue it makes having fun very convenient. That value is recognised by a sharp increase in these types of installations which involve multiple trades, i.e. builders, designers, low voltage contractors, and electricians.

Golf Simulators and VR Rooms

Private Voice Control

Having a truly smart home involves a voice control element. Voice control saves homeowners time and energy by allowing them to control lighting, temperature, sound and much more by simply speaking naturally. But the rich and famous value privacy tremendously, and for this reason voice control by Amazon, Apple, and Google have been avoided. They instead rely on, an elite high performance voice control home automation system. does not sell customer data to 3rd parties and has advanced artificial intelligence. Not only can it execute commands quickly, but it learns their routines making a technologically advanced home convenient to use.

Voice Control System
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