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  • Comment: Called these guys,a couple of days ago and made an appointment. They came out yesterday. I'd been having issues for almost a year with 2 DVD players and a color saturation issue with my projector system. In fact, Geek Squad came out a month or so ago and could not resolve the colir saturation problem, so I was quite skeptical that these guys would have any positive outcomes. Nonetheless, Vanny (Yim) came out, did a visual inspection of the equipment, asked a few questions and got to work. He got the DVD running (wasn't connected properly....probably my doing), figured out that the color saturation problem was due to the color settings on the remote for the projector (why couldn't the Geeks figure this out?). Lastly, he did a firmware update for my upstairs DVD player. Long story short...all systems are now up and running properly after months of issues. I truly ecomnend Digital Installers if you have home theater issues. They are great and their pricing is reasonable! Vanny was professional, gave me tips on how to troubleshoot certain issues, was courteous in answering all questions we had. I definitely plan to call DI the next time I have home theater related issues!
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