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  • Comment: I don't do reviews ever. As in never. Except this one. This is the exception that confirms the rule. Why? Read on, please. In 2013 we purchased a 4,000 sq ft home in Rolling Hills with the plan to do a complete remodel. The designer we hired (and later fired) recommended a low voltage installer who was (only) an authorized Control4 dealer. We went with Control4 because as far as I could tell at the time it seemed to be a good option for a new whole home system. This turned out to be correct; Control4 is a complete, versatile, powerful and integrated choice for a truely smart home. However, the design and installation was a whole separate issue with this particular dealer.
    In fact I ended up doing some of the system setup myself, including keypad templates and lighting scenes in Control4's Composer Home Edition. The dealer was subsequently fired and I began a search to find someone to finish up the project and then continue system maintenance. After failed experiences with 3 other Control4 dealers I finally contacted Control4's highest (platinum) rated company in our area which was Digital Installers. The difference was night and day. These folks are really experinced, competent, knowledgeable, and extremely nice people to deal with. They like and appreciate their customers and treat them kindly and fairly.
    They came in and did a series of important improvements to our system and have been able to fix every problem and glitch that has appeared since they took over the job. Do yourself a favor and save yourself a ton of frustration and misery. Use Digital Installers for your Control4 project from the get go like I should have done. The only other piece of advise I would give is to spend slightly more on your system and go with panelized lighting control. Take it from me. Our project has almost 500 drivers that are loaded and working well now with the help of Digital Installers.
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